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Alistair Purdy

Alistair Purdy

Environmental and Sustainability Advisor

“I joined the company in January 2006, so it’s safe to say that – in what is a relatively young business - I’m one of the longest serving employees. Indeed, when I commenced my role there were only 300 colleagues within the company!

My first role was as a Technical Advisor in which I was responsible for elements such as writing manuals for client portfolios, as well as producing procedures for control rooms. I then became part of the SQE (Safety, Quality, Environment) team and, as I have a degree in Environmental Science, I took over responsibility for producing CSR reports and Environmental Management systems. 

In my current role my day-to-day duties can include providing guidance on all aspects of the environment and sustainability; such as surveys, legislation guidance, producing processes and procedures and developing management systems. I also deliver environmental audits on individual sites and provide client support, develop innovations to reduce costs and environmental impact, while also supporting new bids and mobilisation.

A major change I have seen since 2006 is that the priorities of our clients have evolved and we’ve had to evolve with them. Back then, the amount of recycling from client sites was typically between 20% and 30%, whereas today this is often up to 97%. Another key element now is energy management and I help to guide companies through this as they aim to become more efficient, resulting in reduced energy use without negatively impacting on performance while in the process reducing costs and carbon footprint. Indeed, during my time at the business we have ourselves reduced our own carbon footprint by 40%.

The best part of my job is getting to aid clients in helping them to deliver what they need to deliver. By sharing best practice between clients, I can help to make a real difference and that is hugely rewarding for me personally. 

During my time with the company, there have been lots of changes and this continues to be the case today, however we are always kept up to date with the latest developments through regular communications from the CEO and the Board. As a result I feel very engaged with the wider business, which is a real positive.”

Alistair Purdy