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9. Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Slavery and Human Trafficking statement

30th September 2018

Apleona HSG operates in the UK over a multitude of client sites and at its own premises, providing a variety of either directly management or services.  The provision of these services also includes the use and supply of subcontractor’s goods and services.  

The group will combat all forms of modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation of employees throughout our operations and within our supply chain. Child labour, bonded labour and other forms of exploitation of employees cannot in any way be reconciled with our ethical values. In order to deal with this issue the group has developed a Modern Slavery Policy which applies to all our staff and our supply chain partners.

The group collects compliance information from each supplier before the delivery of any service or goods and periodically reviews the compliance with this requirement.  We actively seek to identify noncompliance through contract management, audit of supplier, regular meetings, reviews and whistle blowing. 

We recognise that the areas of risk for the group are the direct employment of staff at both our own sites and on client contracts and the use of subcontractors to supply goods and services. We will work with our supply chain to identify and report any non-compliances and cooperate with all statutory bodies in any investigations.

We have detected no instances of modern slavery or human trafficking during this period of our operation.

We conduct awareness raising with our staff of this important issue through our induction process and through continuous training during their employment.

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