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Property and Asset Management

Property and Asset Management

As part of our Integrated+ approach, we deliver a full scope of optimal Property and Asset Management services. We have an existence of delivering building services and understand the core foundations of buildings. We apply strategic thinking to our solution and involve all of the necessary stakeholders, both your side and ours, to develop and integrate an optimal property and asset solution that works alongside your business plans.

We consider all core principles that affect a business, including improvement projects, capital, risks (property and people), business priorities and strategic goals, owned/ leased property and assets owned by the business.

Here’s how we deliver optimal Property and Asset Management:

Asset and Condition Verification

By verifying assets and maintaining an accurate asset register, we will help you keep control of your assets across your business. From asset tagging through to data management reports, we capture details of all assets through a unique barcode system.

From the start of our partnership, we conduct a condition survey of your assets and keep a record of what you own, alongside when it was last maintained and its condition. These condition surveys create a baseline structure of the assets so an agreed maintenance regime and lifecycle cost plan can be designed to work with your plans and budget.  

Building optimisation

We're interested in saving you money and time. We do this by implementing initiatives to reduce your energy and carbon footprint consumption, as well as maximising your assets through our proactive and holistic approach to lifecycle management.

We delve into real-time property and asset management information and analyse the full extent of your building. Our professional teams can deploy your existing building management systems or meter readings to gather historical and existing data. To support this, we conduct thorough site audits and access your plant and control rooms, utility supplies and building units to recognise the full identity and condition of your entire property and assets. As a result, we develop detail synopsis on how you can best optimise your property and assets.


Managing your property includes meeting building and statutory regulations and legislative compliance. Having only the correct paperwork for property and assets doesn't suffice in today's changing world.

Our expert Property and Asset Management team have supported many organisations, similar to you, to lead a fully encompassed suite of compliance regimes that are embedded as part of the facilities management delivery. We focus on ensuring that your core assets within your property are meeting compliance at all times. These include: Electrical testing and inspections, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), Water hygiene compliance and Gas installations certification, testing and inspection.

We concentrate on the day to day assets so your employees and visitors are kept at the heart of our compliance management.

Lifecycle Works

Managing building and equipment assets require thorough planning and regular maintenance. Why? We want you to benefit from maximum value and cost efficiencies for the lifetime of your property and assets.

Through regular use of equipment and the age and condition of buildings, overtime assets begin to wear and tear. Our approach to service delivery extends from facilities management to the whole lifecycle of building and equipment assets. We ensure that your asset spend is transparent and optimised across your estate; making intelligent decisions to plan lifecycle programmes to drive efficiencies of your assets. We operate a simple yet effective model to acquire, utilise, operate and maintain assets which support with exceeding your assets duration and your budget requirements.

Strategic Asset Management Plans

Planning is key to every activity. Our approach to the strategic asset management plans is to have the end goal in mind: To maximise the value of your property and assets for its whole lifecycle.

We want you to experience the lifecycle of your property and assets. That is why we develop comprehensive plans to outline objectives, delivery plans, investment, maintenance regimes and disposal programmes. With this at the forefront of our solution, we keep you in sight of every activity we plan, backed by a comprehensive project plan.

We always focus on making the right decision for you and make it our priority to support the day to day needs of your business so you can maximise the value of your property and assets.

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