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Energy and Utility Management

Energy and Utility Management

Energy and utility (gas, water, and renewable) management and carbon emission reduction is fundamental to our culture and our holistic approach to creating market leading Integrated Facilities Management solutions. Given the significant amount of annual operational expenditure linked to utilities, we are all trying to reduce our consumption so we spend less and maximise efficiencies. But are we doing enough? 

We have supported and worked with a number of clients who have made the step-change: to spend less and to drive efficiencies. How do we do it best? Through our Integrated Facilities Management and utilities delivery, we offer a tailored service aligned to ISO 50001 covering both supply and demand aspects where the benefits are guaranteed. 

This approach has been recognised both by clients and through national environmental best practice awards relating to renewable energy provision, driving efficiencies and working smarter to positively affect behaviour changes of end users. 

Here’s what we do:

Utility Procurement

We offer the best utility procurement advice and support in the market. By assessing your building's energy consumption and carbon footprint, we provide market analysis and real-time management information (MI) for your building(s). We combine this detailed understanding with our ability to review current utility tariffs, bureau services and bill validation to realise the significant financial benefits.

Utility Data Management

Our platforms operate through an automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) structure, which requires minimal manned-time, yet the intelligent data allows you to track the effectiveness of implemented energy initiatives as well as allowing you to allocate budgets to individual departments.

We deliver this through a cloud based platform that is scalable to work with you, in any type of building environment. We install specific energy meters to your property to extract and maintain data into the platform. From either a basic manual meter read or virtual meters to automatically upload interval data, our system will work in customisation to you. 

Energy Consultancy

Our approach to energy consultancy is unique. We spend the time to get to know you and your property, we take into consideration what your property is used for and measure the carbon footprint. We analyse your management information and provide real time reporting to give you full visibility of your energy provision before we offer you a detailed strategy that will add value to your property and drive cost down.

We implement strategies and launch successful campaigns to make a difference. We continuously audit these initiatives to ensure everything is operating as agreed.

Utility Improvement Projects, Monitor and Verification

If you have had the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) audit, implementing an energy reduction project is the next step. We work with you and your teams to acknowledge your staff behaviour so we can work together to change habits by embracing sustainability in your everyday activities. By launching improvement projects, we introduce new technology and equipment that are created to enhance your energy management, as well as maintaining compliance with legislations.

We monitor implemented projects through our cloud based platform to ensure change is making the right difference. We verify all activities and create detailed reports on the developments of the project.

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